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SG Consulting

Buyer Assistance/Inventory Consults

Congratulations! You are now  a licensed dispensary owner. You have a retail space waiting to be filled with quality, LEGAL products, that cater to the demographics of your target market. We're here to help you sift through thousands of options and pick the products that make sense. 


Something as simple as a mislabeled package can result in your dispensary needing to close its door. Our team will carefully analyze your inventory list to ensure that all the brands are in full compliance based on your states legal requirements. We will take quality control to the next level and perform compliance checks of the packaging and labeling of the products you have in house. We also offer dispensary staff trainings on how to maintain this level of attention to detail and understanding of your states cannabis rules and regulations in our absence. 

Creative Assistance

It's common to hit a creativity road block in the midst of what at times can feel like the mayhem of building a cannabis brand. Let's have a brainstorming session to ensure that your brand's campaign is as spiffy as it should be and that all those amazing ideas come to life!

Market Research

Still pondering those demographics we mentioned above? We can figure those out for you too. Whether you're in search of dispensaries or online shops best fitting to sell your product or need in store feedback on the movement of your product, we'll do the leg work necessary to get you the information you're looking for (Did someone say secret shopping?!

Visual Merchandising

A vital piece of the success of any brick and mortar location that is so often overlooked. We'll take the time to learn your brand and create a display that is in alignment with your brand's aesthetic. We will provide in house dispensary staff trainings on upholding visual standards.

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